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SAP License Optimization:
When it comes to SAP licensing, it’s fair to say that the majority of organizations today aren’t exercising either forward-thinking or scrutiny to their spend. Audits and renewals are treated as inevitable and organizations simply wait for them to happen, adopting a ‘do nothing’ approach which ends up translating into millions of dollars of revenue for SAP.

Some organizations, however, are starting to buck the trend and apply much greater levels of both proactivity and scrutiny to their ever-increasing SAP expenditure.

SAP Licenses are a costly affair. The SAP environment is complex, often consists of dozens of SAP instances, multiple SAP modules and thousands of user profiles, each with their own roles and objects attribution. Yearly license audits performed by SAP might reveal unpleasant surprises. The lack of insight may result financial, legal and regulatory issues.X software support SAP License Management services help you to avoid these risks and bring significant cost savings.
Effectively managing SAP user licenses can lead to a decent return on the SAP investment. SAP user roles should be monitored constantly to identify areas where expense can be reduced, particularly when employees leave, move to another internal department or simply move to non-SAP-related work.

SAP running enterprises can monitor licenses through the tools provided by SAP (SLAW and USMM)these tools have some limitations, enterprises can save big with the tools specifically designed by X Software Support for better monitoring.Our team of skilled professionals who can ensure you are up to date on any licensing changes, thereby saving your organization money.

SAP Staffing:

The successful deployment of an ERP system as robust and complex as SAP depends on in-house staff. As an end-to-end consulting provider supporting all aspects of SAP initiatives, X Software Support offers deep expertise in SAP staffing and resource acquisition. We help organizations cultivate SAP resources rapidly and ensure the correct fit for each client’s specific needs and objectives. Our proprietary network of thousands of SAP professionals gives you access to high-caliber, carefully screened talent that can’t be found elsewhere.

We provide SAP experts in

  • Functional and technical experts in SAP modules, including:
    • Inventory and Materials Management (MM)
    • Sales and Distribution (SD)
    • Finance and Controlling (FICO)
    • Production Planning (PP)
    • Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and Material Resource Planning (MRP)
    • Plant Maintenance (PM)
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Additional SAP ECC and R/3 modules


  • SAP Staffing Options


  • SAP Contract Staffing: X Software Support offers experienced SAP consultants on a contract basis to meet immediate need for skilled talent. This choice gives maximum flexibility to clients while providing the expertise needed to get the job done fast.
  • Contract-to-Hire Staffing Services: X Software Support provides experienced SAP consultants on a contract basis while clients consider each placement’s long-term fit within the organization. This choice can be a “best of both worlds” scenario for both the client and the staff member.